Serotonin help stabilize moods and reduce pain

Foods that will elevate your levels naturally

The B vitamins and zinc are important as they help the brain to manufacture neuro-chemicals out of amino acids (protein foods). B3 is very important and is found in a B complex supplement. Do not take B3 on its own, however you can take a B complex and add an extra B3 supplement if you wanted to. The reason to do this is that all the vitamin Bs work together in harmony, having a synergistic affect on each other. So why is B3 so important for elevating moods? If you are short of B3 your body will have to make it from tryptophan. You want to reserve your store of tryptophan for the production serotonin and not for making B3.

Eating foods that contain a good amount of tryptophan will ensure better levels of serotonin.

Seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, sesame

Nuts – hazelnuts and almonds

Wild game






Foods rich in B vitamins

Whole-grains like brown rice and oats

Egg yolks

Green leafy vegetables

Legumes like such as lentils


The body will use up a lot of its resources and reserves like vitamins – if you smoke, drink alcohol on a regular basis, regularly eat junk, sugary things, and white flour products.