8 Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Tips on a Budget |

There are some ingredients provided by nature that can help you reduce some pain. When we talk about pain relief for something like arthritis there is no one miracle potion, potion or concoction. You need to implement several of these listed below into your daily life. Natural arthritis pain relief can bring about that added help to give your body a break from so much pain. Some of the ingredients recommended are fresh others are dried, for these dried ingredients go on the internet and order them in bulk (non-branded) this is a far cheaper way of buying what you need.

1) Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) in a hot bath or if you don’t have a bathtub then a foot bath is excellent alternative. The magnesium is absorbed by through the skin and the feet are highly absorbent. Magnesium is sadly lacking in the average diet these day so people are generally deficient. Magnesium has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties helping greatly to relieve suffering. Put two cups of Epsom salt in the bathtub or one cup in a foot bath with hot water and soak your feet for 30 minutes, topping up with hot water if you need to. If you have heart or kidney problems I would ask your physician about using Epsom Salt. Use Epsom salts two to three times a week. Magnesium sulphate can help with cramps, will nourishment for the joints (as the magnesium is absorbed through the skin) and helps detoxify the body in general.

2) Dry Skin Brushing with a natural bristle brush. Gently and reasonably lightly brush your dry skin with the dry brush in sweeping motions up the arms and up the body always in the direction of the heart for about 3 to 5 minutes. This will help to get the stagnant lymphatic system going, which can be a problem for people in pain as they don’t tend to be as active as other people.  If because of your arthritis you can’t reach certain areas – don’t worry, just do what you can, in a few months you will be able to reach further. Skin brushing is also a great way to gently stretch. Once you have finished have a shower or bath. Once you have bought your brush this treatment is a very cost effective.

3) Ginger – can be found easily fresh/raw or dried from the super market or as tea or capsules. It has anti-inflammatory properties and all these forms have merit. I suggest you use fresh ginger in your home-made salad dressings, in your smoothies and in stir-fries/

4) Garlic – helps the circulation of blood which transports oxygen throughout the body, especially to aching painful joints helping to encourage repair. It will also help take away deposits from the affected areas, reducing cholesterol levels and further improving circulation to all areas of the body. Garlic goes extremely well in stir-fries with ginger and onions have a synergistic affect (each enhancing the properties of the others) can also be eaten raw, or taken in a pill form.

5) Capsaicin (red chilli) contain substance P a pain reliever. Taken internally it can help blood flow, but applied topically it can act as a pain reducer that is where most of the benefit comes. You might be sensitive so use sparingly at first. The capsaicin cream will stimulate endorphins which brings about a feeling of relief. However, if your joints are red and hot to touch I would not use capsaicin.

6) Cinnamon is an excellent spice that targets the joints and encourages healing – add cinnamon powder to things like oats or smoothies, the tubes of whole bark are good to use as a herbal tea.

7) Cloves (whole) have pain relieving properties and can be added to your cinnamon tea.

8) Yoga can be another natural arthritis pain relief method helping you to regain you flexibility. The easiest way and cheapest way is to borrow or buy a DVD of yoga for arthritis sufferers. This way you will be taken through the steps especially designed for arthritis sufferers and work through the routines at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Maybe ask a friend or two to joint you.

These measures will help you to gain some relief from your suffering.

However, for a more profound effect you would need a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul from a professional team like us. We have 20 year experience successfully helping people to become pain-free but it does mean a complete lifestyle change.  I am putting together a program that will be available in a few weeks that will give you the opportunity to gain the knowledge without having to visit us.