Arthritis sufferers face a big decision – surgery or not? |

Some arthritis suffers need, or opt for surgery, this is a big decision, any surgery is invasive no matter how simple and is viewed as a trauma by the body.

The body is pumped with various chemicals that it has to deal with, then there is the healing process, and the anxiety.  Few people look forward to surgery, most people are apprehensive, especially if its their first experience of surgery.

There are several thing you need to do to prepare and protect your system. In other word make your body fit for surgery. A body that is run down is more likely to fall victim of some of the infections that lurk in hospitals and elsewhere. The sooner your body gets over the surgery and better you heal the less complications you will suffer afterward.

What do you need to do?

Firstly check and find out what other avenues are open to you? Is surgery the only way? Make sure you know and understand your options. What are the success rates for your type of condition and type of surgery they have scheduled for you? If there are other options what are the success rates and what is involved? If your option is to change your lifestyle completely so you will not need surgery, but you know you could never follow that program then this is not an option for you.

If you don’t want the surgery then find out if treatments like acupuncture would work for your set of circumstances or osteopathy, do some research ask around get some recommendations etc.

If you need the surgery and or opt for surgery, you need to build up your immune system and your health in general before the surgery. Make sure your surgeon knows what you have been doing prior to surgery as you might need to stop some things for a short while. For instance some supplements help to thin the blood, your surgeon certainly needs to know, any omega-3 or fish oil supplements will have this affect.

To protect your body take out all processed products made from white flour and artificial sweeteners. Try to avoid sugary products.

More fruit and more vegetables – rich in Vitamin C and phyto-compounds, they will protect and enhance your body and immune system.

TAKE – Vitamin C

B complex



Herb – Ecinacea

Take these supplements for (if possible) three months before surgery and some time after surgery or for what ever time you have before elected surgery. It has been reported that 60% of patients having surgery are malnourished, not fit for surgery.