Shou-xing (Balls of Eternal Health)

Since ancient times, the Chinese have written about healing therapies to the hands. I am sure you have all seen the Chinese Shou-xing balls. This idea was created five hundred years ago during the Ming Dynasty, Shou-xing means Balls of Eternal Health. The Emperor’s physician had advised him that in order to treat his failing health he would need to exercise all his vital organs and at the same time reduce his hypertension. Hence the Balls of External Health were made. Since then generation after generation has benefited from the practice. How do they work? According to Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) the eight fingers, two thumbs and the palms are connected to all the vital organs of the body. Manipulating the Shou-xing stimulates various reflexes and acupuncture points on the hand resulting in an increase flow of vital energy and blood in the body. It promotes muscular tone and bone strength, while relaxing the mind. It can prevent or reduce hypertension and stress. Daily exercise with Shou-xing can increase concentration, promote memory, reduce fatigue and anxiety and ultimately extend our life. The balls come as a pair, and in different sizes, the pair you choose will depend on the size of your hands. Place both balls into the palm of one hand. Then by using the fingers of that hand rotate the balls around each other in your palm, exercise for 5 minutes and change to your other hand. They would be a great present to give to someone, so consider adding these to your Christmas shopping list, a great ‘executive toy’.

If the 5 Minutes Mini-Break does not appeal especially if you are working in a busy office where stretching would attract too much attention, then using Shou-xing for 5 minutes would be a good alternative.