Cayenne Oil – for pain relief of muscles and joints |

Sonia Jones from the Haven Spa, Health Clinic and Fitness Center

Cayenne contains a plant chemical called capsaicin, it has the ability to block chemical messages in our bodies called substance P, that transmit the sensation of pain. The herb’s pain relieving properties can be preserved in an oil or body cream, and is applied externally, to help stiff, painful joints and muscles.

If you made your own cayenne oil you can use on your joints or on your salad.

How to make the infused oil – 250grms of hot powdered cayenne to 500ml of cold pressed (extra virgin) olive oil. Place the very hot cayenne powder and the oil into a large airtight jar and stand in a warm place (not hot and not in sunlight) for 2 weeks, shaking the content daily. Strain and squeeze out the remaining oil. Take the strained infused oil and add another 250grms of cayenne powder making sure the oil completely covers the powder and place again in a warm place for another 2 weeks, shaking daily, then strain once again. Store the strained oil in an airtight dark glass bottle in a dark, cool place. This oil can be rubbed into stiff, painful joints and muscles. This infused oil is very hot, so never use on broken skin and always remember to wash your hands after use. Cayenne used topically increases blood flow to joints and muscles reducing pain and speeding up healing.

Store this oil in the refrigerator for up to a year. However keep a small amount at room temperature for immediate use.