The Detox Program

Includes :-

3 nights’ accommodation

Four one hour treatments

Castor Oil detox pack

4 large cleansing smoothies daily

Full use of the facilities

Alternative health assessment optional

Structural assessment and advice also optional

Detox under professional guidance at the Haven is a great option. Enjoy the beauty and fresh air of the mountains and the warm care and attention of the Haven team, who will help you to make the most of your experience. The Haven offers a wide variety of facilities to enhance you stay and your health experience, with special care taken to ensure you have a very comfortable stay. The facilities include a state of the art gym, exercise pool, infra red saunas and steam to increase detoxification, racquet ball court, a 100 jet Jacuzzi, and relaxation areas.

There has never been a better time to detox than right now, our bodies are constantly under attack from toxicity in the form of chemicals in the air, in our food and the products you use on own body. This toxic overload we all face can disrupt the normal functioning of the body’s systems in the long term. The symptoms that each person can experiences, varies vastly from person to person. But generally it can be anything from feeling very tired to being overweight, from general aches and pain to interfering with your hormone balance. That’s why a regular detox, perhaps once or twice a year can really take the pressure of your body and give you back your vitality and zest for daily life.

Give your body a helping hand to rid itself of excess toxicity and encouraging your body to stay healthier longer. There are others great benefits to this detox a) it can kick start some good nutrition habits b) help reduce fluid retention (help start your weight-loss health-gain program that you can take home with you)

During your stay if you choose you can enhance you nutritional knowledge by booking a meeting with the naturopath /nutritional therapist.

Give your body a break!!


Low season $794.00 inclusive and for the second person sharing add $419

High season $863.00 inclusive and for the second person sharing add $450

(if you wish to bring a non participating partner or they wish to do another program please

Add an extra day for only $110.00 high season $100 low season

Optional in-depth health assessment using Naturopathic and Chinese diagnostics along with a lifestyle plan Cost $185