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My name is Sonia Jones I am a naturopath and nutritional therapist

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This program has combined the latest scientific research, naturopathic wisdom, and 20 years experience treating various people with different weight issues.

This diet is not like the hundreds of others – where an individual loses weight and thinks this is the answer for everyone. This program combines practitioner experience of many years solving many different weight and health problems.

Weight problems are also health problems

You will get professional help to

* control your blood sugar levels

* stop those cravings

* solve fluid

* drastically reduce cellulite

* what medication encourages weight gain and what you

* gain more energy

* drastically improve health issues like arthritis, asthma

* control PMT

* help the symptoms of the menopause

* stabilize appetite

* learn the importance of hydration

* how to increase your metabolism naturally

* how to improve the health and function of your thyroid gland

* check your thyroid function with a simple test at home

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