The Executive Health and Stress Program

Regain Your Competitive Edge

Trying to Stay on Top of the Job

Objective – to learn how to deal with stress in a practical way, increase your general levels of energy, vitality and improve your health and business performance.

A small investment now will pay off dividends in the long run.

Program – While everyone has stress to deal with, most people see them as emotional stresses based on work, home life and or financial pressures. A huge amount of stress can and does come from the physical in the form of pain or being tired from not sleeping well, or digestive stress. I am sure you have been in situations where your energy levels are low, your neck or back is killing you, your headache is dragging you down, increasingly the physical and the emotional stress together become intolerable and staying focused and rational is difficult. Under these conditions people do not work very dynamically or positively. People often eat food that robs them of energy and causes immense stress’s within the system, this is often in the form of internal inflammation or poor organ function. This can result in low energy, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, palpitations, aches and pains and much more.

Within the executive health program each client will be seen for an individual assessment, their objectives are assessed and a view is taken of their health issues. The Haven team of International practitioners get together to talk through the best course of action for each client that might include -

  • showing you how to improve your lifestyle
  • treatments  for stress and pain reduction
  • advice on posture and natural pain relief
  • advice on low stress performance diet
  • agree an appropriate fitness regime

This approach will help to improve your mental and physical energy so you can perform at a high level at work. This is a practical and intuitive approach to the problem of stress and under performing in the work place. We show you how to give your body the resources to handle and cope with stress more efficiently. We do not tell people to work less or take it easier – this usually results in making the situation more stressful. We do give you the know-how and the tools so you and your body can deal with the stress of work more effectively and efficiently.

The trick is to get help to earlier rather than later, before your health deteriorates too much.

The Program is a 2 nights stay includes a light breakfast

  • An in -depth individual health assessment
  • A structural assessment to assess pain and flexibility
  • 3 treatments and appropriate advice
  • Written report of the new lifestyle recommendations
  • Time to enjoy some other activities in Boquete

Low season $781 inclusive and for a second person sharing add $406

High season $831 inclusive and for a second person sharing add $438

A second non-participant enquire for price, the executive can bring their wife/partner to participate in a completely different program or enjoy the use of the spa and facilities.

Regain that competitive edge

This program suits the individual executive or

the company who would like to enhance their management

team’s performance.