25 reasons why you might feel fatigued

We will be covering these subjects in detail over the coming weeks – helping you understand what you can do naturally to solve some of these problems

1 Lack of sleep – for various reasons – we will be covering this subject in more detail shortly

2 Sleep apnea – disturbs the quality of sleep

3 Partner that snores

4 Eating junk foods

5 Anemia – you will discover how to improve your count without iron tablets

6 Depression

7 Low grade infection

8 Sluggish thyroid

9 Too much caffeine

10 Too much sugar

11 Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels)

12 Dehydration

13 Too much stress

14 Too much exercise

15 Shift work

16 Too much air travel

18 Food allergies

19 Chronic fatigue syndrome

20 Lack of relaxation periods

21 Diabetes

22 Heart disease

23 Smoking

24 Poor breathing

25 Hot weather