26 reasons you might be getting chronic headaches

– however if you have any concerns you should get them checked out by your doctor.

There might be one or several reasons

1)      Spending too much time spending text or playing too many games on your phone

2)      Horrible mattress – too hard or too soft

3)      Terrible pillow and/or sleeping on your stomach

4)      Skipping meals

5)      Eye strain

6)      Dehydration

7)      Too much caffeine

8)      Badly designed work station

9)      Carrying a heavy bag round on one shoulder

10)  Poor posture while driving

11)  Too much alcohol

12)  Stress

13)  Telephone wedged under ear

14)  Hat or cap that is too tight

15)  Hot weather

16)  Certain perfumes

17)  Certain additives like  MSG – monosodium glutamate

18)  Rebound headaches from too many painkillers

19)  Glasses that need changing

20)  Tyramine – found in aged cheese

21)  Poor posture in general

22)  Lack of sleep

23)  Tying your hair back too tight

24)  Grinding your teeth at night

25)  Make sure your collar and tie are not too tight

26)  Get some fresh air – open windows – modern furniture and carpets give off fumes