Pilates can help Arthritis – Pain Relief

Exercises for arthritis sufferers have always been recommended but it is important to choose one that will help your condition. Generally water exercises, walking, Qi Gong, and yoga but more recently Pilates is being suggested for sufferers of various types of arthritis.

As we know arthritis is in general terms an inflammation of the joints and it seems that moderate gentle exercises on a regular basis, being careful to stay within the range that is comfortable, helped to maintain joint mobility.

Pilates benefits for arthritis sufferers are

increased strength,

increased mobility,

more flexibility,

better balance

and less aches and pains.

Many people experience less fatigue, with a feeling of well-being and a sense of achievement.

Go to classes, get supervision, they will help you adapt Pilates to suit your condition and level of severity or fitness. If classes are not possible maybe you could get a DVD that specializes in Pilates for arthritis conditions, or for the older generation.

Quality of life is important, so anything you can do to improve joint mobility, reduce stiff joints means your everyday tasks are easier. Pilates is not a cure for any of the arthritis conditions, however along with other lifestyle changes it can help.