Anti-aging Disease Prevention and Weight Management |

Includes the Anti-aging, Disease Prevention and Weight Management


This program is a voyage of personal discovery that will give you all the knowledge you need for a longer life,( you receive a copy of our Anti-aging and Weight management Twelve Essentials Manual). Many aspect of individual health are covered, we not only look at your lifestyle but also the role of internal inflammation in accelerated aging, the role of enzymes to slow aging and how to use this knowledge to stay younger, protected and healthier longer, these are just some of the topics covered.

You will also receive an individual nutritional and lifestyle plan that is built around your own personal health and physical requirements. The building blocks of your life and indeed your decline comes from the food you eat, an inappropriate diet has two consequences. Firstly too much of the body’s resources goes into digesting foods your body has no use for or even worse foods that are detrimental to your health. This process of understanding is an individual one and each person has different nutritional requirements and some foods that are good for one person can cause internal inflammation in another person.  Some people estimate the energy requires to digest an inappropriate diet is as high as 80%, this leaves little energy left to deal with toxic waste matter, the efficient replacing of millions of cells that replicate themselves each day and most importantly keep you fit and young looking. Secondly by replacing foods that age you with those that slow down aging we get an overall positive effect. This part of the program is undertaken by Howard Jones AAc and Sonia Jones ND who is highly experienced in this field and has written several books on the subject including the   Anti-aging and Weight Management Twelve Essentials Manual).

As part of your stay we have an in-dept assessment of your current health status and to identify any indicators to future problems. Then your individual nutritional and lifestyle plan is put together with three aspects in mind a) to allow your body to rebuild itself without stressing the system b) as prevention is the key, to give you protection against any serious chronic diseases your body might have a weakness towards and lastly c) help you with any current health issues. During your stay you will also have 2 one to one questions and answer sessions on how to use the different elements contained in the Essentials manual and the opportunity to have treatments as included in the package.

Program includes:-

The Anti-aging and Weight Management Twelve Essential manual (the client receives this prior to arrival so they are familiar with the essentials and can come armed with questions)

Use of all the facilities

7 nights accommodation includes a light healthy breakfast.

An in-depth assessment of your health and nutritional status with a written report

2 question and answer sessions on the anti-aging manual

6 one hour treatments ie massage or facials, acupuncture or remedial therapies.

We recommend the option to do a Detox during the first 4 days to include juices and castor oil packs, cost $75.00.

Additional Options:- more treatments, low level laser face lift treatments and anti-aging facials

Structural assessment (check up for pain relief and joint restrictions) includes advice and treatment options to improve any pain or restrictions and improve flexibility and stability.


Low season $1728 single occupancy and double occupancy is $1334 per person.

High season $1840 single occupancy and double occupancy is  $1403 per person.

(programs can be mixed please enquire about the costs)