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Sonia Jones from the Spa  and Health Clinic

Having your hair analyzed – I must say is not the be all and end all but it could be yet another clue, another piece of the jigsaw into your arthritis condition.

This concept is hardly new, it was used as part of a biopsy used in forensic science to determine amongst others things – arsenic poisoning. Archaeologists have studied the mineral content of hair mummified thousands of years ago.

The hair needs to taken from the scalp but the needed is quite small. Taking the hair from close to the head means the reading will represent several month maybe a couple of years. The last time I looked the price of the test seemed reasonable.

What will your hair tell you?

Trace elements are found and needed minute amount but are vital to the body.

This part of the analysis is controversial due to the disputes on its accuracy.





then others were added




However, where hair analysis might be very useful to you and your arthritis condition is identifying your exposure to problematic potentially toxic metals -







These can be toxic and is an important aspect to improving your general health and a condition like arthritis.

When any of these metals enter the body in higher amounts than it can handle, over a period of time they cause disruption and varying symptoms.

The list below is far from extensive its just a handful of examples -

As we now know some studies have linked higher levels of aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you know why the hatter was call the Mad Hatter? In days gone by lead was used in the hat making industry – making them eventually our more recent times lead was found in paint, fuel (until unleaded was available).

Mercury could come from your gray filling (amalgam).

Cadmium – smokers have very high levels in the systems.

Many adult vaccines, including the common flu-shot, can still contain Thimerosal – a mercury based preservative.

Deodorants generally contain aluminum. Many people use aluminum cook ware.

Then there lead crystal glass decanters – where alcohol has sat in for months or years.

The soil could have higher levels and so will the produce grown in that soil.

Some fish like those higher up the food chain like shark and tuna have considerable levels of mercury.

Some can cause pain and inflammation others can interfere with your hormone balance other cause fatigue and a whole host of other things,we are all different.

You could be exposed to a particular metal at work or live near certain industries.

If your hair sample analysis comes back and you do have a higher level of a particular metal – investigate where is our exposure coming from and is the rest of your family also exposed.

Things that help to remove metals and improve your general health and improve your arthritis.

Vitamin C



Chlorelle or Spirulina (both rich in chlorophyll)

N-acetylcrysteine N-A-C

Far Infrared sauna – drink plenty of water before and after



Plenty of parsley