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Medicinally, herbs (spices) are any plants or plant parts that are used in a therapeutic way. Herbal medicine is the art and science of using plants for promoting health and preventing and/or treating illness. It has endured over the centuries as the world’s primary form of medicine (today 75% of [...Read the Rest]

Is is so depressing not being able to sleep properly for anyone, but much much worse if your pain is preventing you from sleep properly. Many arthritis sufferers send hours lying awake at night and its hard not to focus on the pain. How much worse everything looks and feels [...Read the Rest]

Sonia Jones ND from the Haven Spa and Health Clinic Arthritis sufferers are being told they must exercise – and this can be a daunting thought when you are in so much pain, and full of stiffness and so tired from the lack of sleep, because the pain and discomfort [...Read the Rest]

Sonia Jones ND from the Haven Spa and Health Clinic Yoga has stood the test of time having been used for 3000 years as a system of meditation and exercise in the East. In the last two or three decade it has become extremely popular all round the world. It’s [...Read the Rest]

It is important to bear in mind there is no one supplement or treatment that will cure you of arthritis, it takes a collection of things, time and dedication. The 3 point strategy (number one is paramount) 1) change your diet dramatically (tinkering with it will not be enough) 2) [...Read the Rest]

More emphasis these days is on self-help, more on health and certainly being as active as possible for as long as possible. Many baby boomers are turning to exercise classes like Yoga, Callanetics and Pilates. As we age we begin to give up jogging, or high impact sports, or aerobic [...Read the Rest]

To encourage joint lubrication, cartilage repair, strengthen muscles, and generally encourage better circulation to the area. Remember go easy. Pilates can easily be tailored to your individual needs, contracting muscles without moving joints can be useful when joints are inflamed. Then there is the movement of both muscles and joints [...Read the Rest]

Both Pilates and Yoga will help manage the various forms of arthritis, Pilates or Yoga. Pilates and Yoga are similar and at the same time very different, like Pilates from the West and Yoga from the East. Yoga is centuries old, its roots are in Eastern philosophy, and ancient healing [...Read the Rest]

Exercises for arthritis sufferers have always been recommended but it is important to choose one that will help your condition. Generally water exercises, walking, Qi Gong, and yoga but more recently Pilates is being suggested for sufferers of various types of arthritis. As we know arthritis is in general terms [...Read the Rest]

ARACHIDONIC ACID from too much meat in the diet sets up a chain of events that encourages inflammation and suffering within the body. BOWL OF FRUIT keep one well stock in sight and easy to reach – out of sight out of mind. Most suffers find if they avoid oranges, [...Read the Rest]

It will surprise you to discover how far reaching the benefits can be. Not only is it a truly holistic treatment but it is also an extremely pleasant experience. People get hooked on the good experience of the treatment and the health benefits gained. It doesn’t cure arthritis (you would [...Read the Rest]

For thousands of years a system of pressure and massage applied to the feet has been refined and perfected into the holistic health treatment known today as reflexology. Reflexology has the capacity to help many conditions, but it is also possible to detect existing ailments and any potential future problems [...Read the Rest]