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You may have been told that there is nothing that can be done for arthritis, this is not true. I have worked with a team over many, many years and have helped many people from all over the world reduce their pain drastically or even helped them to become pain-free. There is no magic pill and instance lotion. If you have been lured by the ‘buy this pill will cure arthritis’ I wish life was that easy. Arthritis is a complicated disease and needs a comprehensive approach.  It’s a complete approach that needs you to change your life style completely. We see people every week and after doing a complete and individual evaluation empower people by imparting our knowledge and experience.

A starting point to solving your arthritis pain (and the most important point) is a therapeutic nutritional plain that looks at everything in detail as every food manufactured or even natural has a profound effect on your body’s biochemistry. Hence profoundly effects you condition.

Secondly we use some acupuncture (not compulsory if you are uncomfortable with the idea) get the system and healing processes underway. There is so much research today that backs up our experience with acupuncture. If you hate the idea of acupuncture that okay we use reflexology instead, not quite as good but effective never the less. It is not necessary to have treatments for the rest of your life. The other self-help tools that you are empowered with are important to follow for the rest of your life.

After a physical assessment which is so important to ascertain which joints and muscles need treatment with therapeutic massage. More importantly how a safe and effective exercise routine will be devised especially for you. Depending on your particular set of circumstances maybe – yoga, special stretching, Alexandra technique and so much more we can choose from. Gentle, effective, safe movement is very important, as movement stimulates and lubricates the joints.

We have a lot of experience helping people overcome their painkiller medication – when the pain subsides some people find it hard to give up or reduce their medication as they didn’t realize they had become addicted to them. It is well documented that some people are addicted to painkillers long after their pain (for any painful condition not necessarily arthritis) has gone.

Is there such a thing as a cure for arthritis? All the time you are following the correct prescribed lifestyle I would say yes however, the minute you return to you old habits all your all symptoms will return sooner or later. So is there a cure? Yes and no.