Arthritis made worse by natural compounds in foods


Some natural foods can increase or even cause pain in those who are susceptible! As you can see one of these foods is tomatoes. If you are a sufferer of arthritis, there are a few natural foods you should avoid or at least cut down drastically if you are in pain. Many sufferers eat too many tomatoes, often telling me how much they love them. A lot of patients ask how are they going to the lycopene, the plant compound the press has been telling us we need, leading people to believe it has to come from tomatoes. Lycopene gives tomatoes its red colour however, lycopene can also be found in fruits like watermelons, pink grapefruits, apricots etc. Lycopene is one of many phyto-chemicals we need on a daily basis, from a variety of foods.

The solanaceae family also known as the deadly nightshade family can cause or increase aches and pains if you are susceptible to arthritis type conditions.

Other problem foods – potatoes, eggplants (aubergine), and the bell peppers – green red and yellow.

And then in a different category – oranges.

My advice if you want to reduce thge pain of artrhritis -

avoid tomatoes and products containing tomatoes,

have potatoes once a week max

cut down on eggplants and peppers

avoid orange and orange juice