Arthritis made worse by artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners in our experience at the clinic seen to cause aches and pains in some people and for others they seem to make their arthritis worse.

If you take splenda, equal, nutra-sweet, aspartame, saccharin (not so popular these days but still found in some products. Do your self a favor, give them up completely – avoid any product that contain them.

Besides all the research on both humans and animals showed that artificial sweeteners set up cravings for sweet and fatty foods! Not good for losing weight.

What to have instead? Stevia is a better option, its a natural low-calorie substitute. The Japanese have been using Stevia for some time now, and they have not reported any of the side-effects that artificial sweeten have had.

Eat more fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth, they are alkalizing and will help to heal and reduce pain.