Arthritis is really helped with the correct exercise

Pain can make the thought of exercising quite of putting, lets face it some of us don’t need much excuse, but exercise really can help you especially with arthritis type conditions. There are many types of exercise, making it difficult knowing where to begin for fear of making things worse. Choose the right type of exercise and it will help alleviate your symptoms.

Any thing you choose to do whether you are in pain or not you need to enjoy doing. We are all different, some prefer tai chi or chi gong and some people may prefer yoga, or simple stretching, others swimming.

In too much pain to be active

You maybe in too much chronic pain to exercise in the usual way. For chronic pain (NEVER for acute pain – just received from an injury) – soak in a hot bath with a couple of large handfuls of Epsom salts, relax with some calming essential oils and listen to relaxing music. After a little soak, gently and very carefully move your joints, and slowly stretch your muscles just a little. Always listen to your body never cause them to be too painful. As your diet improves and your condition improves you can then contemplate yoga or pilates, in a gentle way at first. Remember listen to your body.