Arthritis – 10 simple things to improve calcium absorption. |

So why would improving your calcium absorption help relieve arthritis? The body would be less likely to dump calcium in inappropriate places like the joint or muscle tissue causing stiffness and pain for some people. For others it could mean gall stones or kidney stones. It’s not just about consuming calcium as we generally eat plenty of foods that contain calcium and other foods that have been fortified with calcium, the body’s biggest challenge it to break down calcium well enough so the body is able to absorb it and utilize it correctly.Here are 10 things you can do that will help – breakdown calcium – ensure more is being absorbed and importantly utilized.

1) Generally, we should be eating natural foods, as close as nature intended. We should be eating foods that provide us with the maximum of nutrients, foods that are easy to digest and work in harmony with our bodies. You need top-grade ‘fuel’ to function well. Just as a high performance car would not perform well on low-grade fuel. We can make our body’s job very difficult or very easy. Good nutrition is essential at any age but even more so as we get older.

2) A healthy program needs to be followed for the rest of your life. I have eaten this way for well over 2 decades now, so I know what it is like to change habits of a lifetime.

3) Exercise is very important, it will help the bones, circulation, heart, moods – includes walking, dancing, jogging, whatever makes you happy and you know you will continue to do. Exercises good for arthritis suffers.

4) Ban the aluminum cook ware, aluminum is a heavy metal, which enters food from the aluminum pots and pans during cooking, especially if the food is acidic for instance contains tomatoes. It has the ability to interfere with the absorption of calcium and other minerals.

5) Alkaline diet. Most people’s diet is too acid forming. It makes sense to ensure that you have a more alkaline forming diet. This ensures the body is not continuously leeching calcium out of the bones to neutralize the acidic environment you have created for your body. The more acidic the body is, the more susceptible to disease and degeneration. Alkaline forming foods are vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, whole grains etc

6) Tea Total at meal times. Don’t drink black tea with meals, as it hinders absorption of calcium and some other minerals, due to the high levels of tannins.

7) Reduce stress levels. Too much stress causes the release of adrenaline, too much adrenaline has a harmful dissolving effect on the bones, and a negative effect on just about every other system in the body.

8) Avoid bran (in its concentrated form) as it also hinders the absorption of calcium and other minerals. Get your fiber from whole foods they also supply the body with an abundance of nutrients.

9) A healthy digestive system is crucial to good health. When the digestive system is working properly, it is the foundation to a long and healthy life. If you have problems with your digestion you should make it a priority to solve this situation – herbs, enzymes, foods etc.

10) This is a very important aspect to your health. Stabilizing our blood sugar will make an enormous difference to how we feel both emotionally and physically. Nutrition is the key to stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Begin by removing white flour products and sugar completely from your diet.

I put in the title 10 simple things – I didn’t say 10 easy things. Some people will feel the changes are easy and others will find it very difficult, tackle one thing at a time and then it is pretty simple and easy to make the changes you need to.