Prostaglandins – inflammation and arthritis connection |

Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances that affect every aspect of your health. There are over 30 different types that have been identified so far. These hormone-like substances fall into three main categories, depending on which fatty acid they are made from.

Series 1 prostaglandin is made from omega-6.

Series 2 prostaglandin is made from Arachidonic Acid (AA).

Series 3 prostaglandin is made from omega-3.

Each series has a different function within the body, having far reaching consequences on every cell.

Series 1 PGE keeps blood platelets from sticking together, helping to prevent heart attacks due to clots in our arteries. PGE 1 helps the kidneys remove sodium and excess fluid from the body. It relaxes the blood vessels, improves circulation lowers blood pressure and relieves angina. PGE 1 even slows down the production of cholesterol (our liver produces about 70% our cholesterol the rest comes from our diet). It decreases inflammatory responses helping to control pain. Makes insulin work more effectively, helping diabetes. It improves nerve function producing a sense of well-being. Regulates calcium metabolism, improves the function of the T-cells in our immune system. And from a pain and inflammatory point of view PGE 1 helps to prevent the release of arachidonic acid from our cell membranes.

Series 2 – PGE 2 promotes platelet aggregation, which is the first step in a blood clot formation. PGE 2 encourages the kidneys to retain salt leading to fluid retention and high blood pressure. These prostaglandins also encourage inflammation and hence pain.

Series 3 – PGE 3 also prevents arachidonic acid from being released from cell membranes, therefore preventing PGE 2 from being made. This explains why fish can prevent degeneration of the cardiovascular system, fluid retention, and reduce inflammation.

For a better balance – we need plenty of essential fatty acids plus a good supple of vitamins and minerals like C, B3, B6, magnesium, and zinc. Cut down on your meat consumption as it is a rich source of arachidonic acid and at the same time increase your intake of plant foods of all types.

Increase your consumption of  –

Hemp seeds

Flaxseeds (linseeds)

Borage capsules

Evening primrose capsules






All fruits and vegetables