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THE 12 ESSENTIAL SECRETS REVEALED Available 1) as a download and kindle version for various gadgets 2) paperback At last discover the 12 Essentials to anti-aging, disease prevention and weight management, using only tried and tested natural methods and remedies. The latest findings combined with naturopathic know-how, blending modern research with traditional wisdom.   Part 1 The 12 Essential Secrets Revealed Part 2 100 plus Foods and Recipes Part 3 Includes a free 90 day Journal with Daily Tips Prevent and reverse heart disease Prevent and reverse osteoporosis Banish weight problems Slow down the aging process and much much more [...Read the Rest]

Most people have abandoned having baths or even had their bathtubs removed, as most people have a “quick shower”. They are considered cleaner, more cost effect, time saving and showers take far less space. So plenty of reasons to take a shower. However, you are missing out on an extremely [...Read the Rest]

These 14 essential oils have been chosen for their – pain relieving abilities – versatility all the oils can be used for other ailments too – and affordability, all the oils are very reasonable in price that people can afford them Essential oils are absorbed directly into the blood stream, [...Read the Rest]

Sonia Jones from the Haven Spa, Health Clinic and Fitness Center Cayenne contains a plant chemical called capsaicin, it has the ability to block chemical messages in our bodies called substance P, that transmit the sensation of pain. The herb’s pain relieving properties can be preserved in an oil or [...Read the Rest]

20th October is International Osteoporosis Day Mention the word osteoporosis and the first thing you think of is calcium supplements, dairy products and menopausal women. Both men and women get osteoporosis and not always when they reach old age. Our bone density peaks at the age of 35ish. So we [...Read the Rest]

Medicinally, herbs (spices) are any plants or plant parts that are used in a therapeutic way. Herbal medicine is the art and science of using plants for promoting health and preventing and/or treating illness. It has endured over the centuries as the world’s primary form of medicine (today 75% of [...Read the Rest]

Sonia Jones ND from the Haven Spa and Health Clinic Yoga has stood the test of time having been used for 3000 years as a system of meditation and exercise in the East. In the last two or three decade it has become extremely popular all round the world. It’s [...Read the Rest]

It is important to bear in mind there is no one supplement or treatment that will cure you of arthritis, it takes a collection of things, time and dedication. The 3 point strategy (number one is paramount) 1) change your diet dramatically (tinkering with it will not be enough) 2) [...Read the Rest]

More emphasis these day is on self-help, more on health and certain being as active as possible for as long as possible. Many baby boomers are turning to exercise classes like yoga, Callanetics and Pilates. As we age we begin to give up jogging, or high impact sports, or aerobic [...Read the Rest]

To encourage joint lubrication, cartilage repair, strengthen muscles, and generally encourage better circulation to the area. Remember go easy. Pilates can easily be tailored to your individual needs, contracting muscles without moving joints can be useful when joints are inflamed. Then there is the movement of both muscles and joints [...Read the Rest]

Both Pilates and Yoga will help manage the various forms of arthritis, Pilates or Yoga. Pilates and Yoga are similar and at the same time very different, like Pilates from the West and Yoga from the East. Yoga is centuries old, its roots are in Eastern philosophy, and ancient healing [...Read the Rest]

Exercises for arthritis sufferers have always been recommended but it is important to choose one that will help your condition. Generally water exercises, walking, Qi Gong, and yoga but more recently Pilates is being suggested for sufferers of various types of arthritis. As we know arthritis is in general terms [...Read the Rest]

ARACHIDONIC ACID from too much meat in the diet sets up a chain of events that encourages inflammation and suffering within the body. BOWL OF FRUIT keep one well stock in sight and easy to reach – out of sight out of mind. Most suffers find if they avoid oranges, [...Read the Rest]