How keeping a journal will help relieve

Sonia Jones ND from The Haven Spa and Health Clinic

It is very important you keep a daily journal to help you understand and manage your arthritis. This can be done in an out of date diary costing next to nothing or a beautiful journal bought from the gift store or record everything on your computer its up to you.

1) write down everything you eat and drink – everything. Even down to those fresh breath things or chewing gum.

2) list the ingredients of food you eat – for example pasta is not enough info – pesto sauce then list the ingredients.

3) it is a good idea to note the time you ate -what ever it was.

4) how do you feel, what symptoms do you have etc etc? For example did you sleep well? Do you have a headache?  Do you have any cravings today? More energy or less energy? More or less pain? More or less joint stiffness?

5) list the supplements you remembered to take.

6) as you remove certain foods from your diet – note any reactions, withdrawal symptoms etc.

The only way you will notice any patterns is to note everything and then work like a detective. Believe me it really will help you understand your arthritis better and help you treat it – reducing pain and inflammation.