Children’s arthritis helped with aromatherapy

A lot of people imagine only the elderly suffer the pain of arthritis, children can also suffer. How can you help your child who is suffering such pain?

Aromatherapy can be used both for emotional and physical conditions. What is so nice about this therapy, children don’t have to take horrible pills and potions. Essential oils of which there are many range from very economical, to some rare very expensive one, so you need not spend a lot. The two essential oils suggested are low in price but don’t think they work any less efficiency. Price has nothing to do with therapeutic value, some plants are common and therefore command a lower price.

When you buy essential oils always always buy 100% natural 100% pure essential oil, you will dilute the essential oil yourself into a massage cream or massage oil (known as a carrier oil). Never use synthetic versions they will do more harm than good.

Use one, two or three essential oils blended in a cream or body oil and only mix up small amounts at a time. Never use on babies under 12 month and much longer if they have sensitive skin.

For three years old and over, use about one drop of essential oil – per teaspoon of cream or body oil.

For aches and pains = take 30mls (6 teaspoons) of massage cream or massage oil, add to this amount – 3 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil. Gently soothe painful areas, and within 20 minutes or so the therapeutic properties of the essential will have soaked through the skin into the blood stream to ease the aches and pains.