Boron seems to improve arthritis

In countries where there are higher levels of boron in the soil and hence higher levels in produce that people consume, levels of arthritis are lower.

The primary source of boron even if you live in a country with lowers levels are – fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. We all know what the statistics are saying – most people do not eat enough fruit and vegetables.

We know that the 5-a-day (is ignored) which is minimum as 9 to 12 each day is optimum. When actually talking of fresh unprocessed (not canned or dehydrated etc) fruit and vegetables and you don’t include french fries then most people don’t manage 5-a-week?

Are you eating the minimum of fresh fruit and vegetables EVERYDAY to get enough boron? Leave a lone all the other benefits you would derive.

A long with some serious diet changes to a much healthy way of life – remember I keep emphasizing the need to take a multi-approach. You cannot expect to take a supplement like boron and hope your arthritis will just go away. Few people have found anything that easy. Boron supplement could be worth trying – 3mg to 6mg depends on your size, how bad the arthritis is and how much you will change your diet.