Arthritis – Anti-oxidants and Anti-free radicals

It is now 60 years or more since scientists first started talking about unstable free-radials. These molecules cause a chain reaction of destruction associated with deterioration, aging and disease. Now the term free-radical and anti-oxidants are common place.

A free-radial is an unpaired, unstable molecule (like a bachelor) that is looking to break up a stable pair of molecules (like a married couple) to pair with one of them leaving in turn an unstable molecule that in turn becomes a free-radical. This free-radical will break up other stable molecules, causing a domino-effect of destruction. Left unchecked free-radials can cause untold damage, laying down the foundation of disease and aging like arthritis.

What encourages the formation of free-radicals?

Traffic fumes

Industrial pollution

Cleaning products in our home

Chemicals fumes from our modern synthetic furniture and carpets

Too much exposure to the sun

Chemicals in our processed foods

Artificial sweeteners

Processed fats and oils

White flour products



Burnt food (BBQ)

Smoking or Second hand smoke


Too much stress

Anti-oxidants slow down this damage

Vitamin C


Vitamin E


Lipoic acid

Grape Seed Extract


Vitamin A



Green Tea

Red Tea

All fruits and vegetables