Health Team

Health Team

If you are a sufferer of arthritis, then you know only too well how awful this condition can be. This site is not about any alleged overnight miracle cure for arthritis. However, it is about giving you the benefit of our vast experience as practitioners – helping with many arthritic conditions over the last 20 years at our spa and clinic. A Naturopath, Osteopath and Acupuncturist from Europe work synergistically and successfully.

Life can be miserable if you are a sufferer of any of the arthritis conditions and many people will try anything to get relief. We use sensible proven advice/techiques that we have found work over the years of seeing people at our facility. There is no one quick easy way, no one magic potion, no one mircle pill to cure arthritis however, there is a collection of measures that work together to vastly improve your quality of life. 

The symptoms of arthritis can vary from person to person, and the condition can be unpredictable and varied.

Our mission is to arm you with all the tools to combat your particular arthritis. You will learn how a multi-faceted approach that has helped so many of our patients in the past from all around the world. The team continues to learn about the latest reasearch in natural alternative medicine, to work together, practice and develop treatments at The Haven Health Spas and Clinics, Boquete, Panama.

Sonia Jones ND Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Reflexologist and Published Author

Over 20 years ago Sonia qualified as a Nutritional Therapist, training with Dr. Plaskett in Britain. Then shortly after that Sonia started training with the renowned Beryl Craine, who has done much to advance reflexology in Britain and elsewhere in the world. A four year stay in Australia the home of alternative medicine, here Sonia trained as a Naturopath.   Sonia is a published author – ‘End the Food Confusion‘. ‘Simply Reflexology’.  ‘Pain –  medication, relief and natural cures’.

2008/9  saw the launch of their own brand of natural, organic, toxic-chemical-free personal care products. These products are the first of their kind in Panama. Spa Naturals.

Sonia has been married to Howard Jones for 36 years.

Howard Jones, Acupuncturist and takes care of the business and financial side of our spas, clinics, and our own natural/organic spa skin care products.

Many years experience in the corporate world in Britain, before training in Australia as a Acupuncturist, having had several clinics in different countries, at present in Panama.

Howard has been married to Sonia for 36 years.

Gabriella The Haven Osteopath is from Sweden and trained in England. More details to follow. Craniosacral, Manipulations (Joint Adjustment, Chiropractic), Articulations of Joints,  Soft Tissue Techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques, Functional Techniques, Balancing Ligament Techniques, and Visceral Techniques

Personal Trainer from UK trained in California.

Doctor of Psychology trained in the USA.

As a team we specialize in alternative treatments and educating people  who are  suffering chronic conditions like arthritis or asthma.

We also have a lot of experience in the area of helping reduce or remove pharmaceutical medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cleansing detox programs, sports injury and more.