Arthritis Intolerances and Allergies

Arthritis Intolerances and Allergies

Chronic joint pain of arthritis maybe due to or triggered by allergies or intolerances. The pain and inflammation can be a direct consequence of a health problem or a symptom of another condition. Allergies can be misunderstood or confused with intolerances. Anyone can suffer chronic joint pain and inflammation but generally rarer in children, people can be young but are more likely to be middle aged or elderly adults. Arthritis in its many forms is the main cause of chronic joint pain and inflammation. It cannot be ignored just hoping the condition will simply improve on its own. There is much that can be done to protect yourself from further degeneration.

As you have probably read there are a whole host of treatments that can be prescribed for the relief of chronic joint pain, and they include not only traditional medication but herbal and mineral supplements as well as stress management techniques, special physical therapy, massage, suitable exercise and diet. For extreme conditions there are numerous types of braces and supports that are meant to reduce osteo-skeletal pressure and thus relieve chronic joint pain.

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